Refilling your Joye 510 cartridge is as simple as putting a few drops of liquid on to the filler material.  Drip on to the filler and watch the liquid get absorbed.  Once the filler is fully saturated (Don’t let it pool, if it does, just put a paper towel to absorb the excess), insert the cartridge back on to the atomizer.  Many people like to put one or two drops of e-Juice directly onto the atomizer wick just to ensure that everything is moist.

Please note that the filler has a limited lifespan.  If the filler material gets burnt, it needs to be replaced.  If you are a budget is an issue, you can purchase poly fill from Walmart or fish tank filter material from the pet shop to use as filler.  One package of this should last you a lifetime.  If you would rather purchase new cartridges, consider these flat tip cartridges .