e-Liquid 30ml

As a new e-cigarette user, you are probably wondering how much e-Liquid (or e-Juice) you will need per month. You may also be wondering if you can figure this out based on how many cigarettes per day that you smoke(d).  Read this quick guide to gain some understanding of how many cigarettes = how much e-liquid.

For the purpose of this discussion, we will say that you were a 1 pack per day smoker. The 1 pack per day smoker typically will go through 60 ml of e-liquid per month.  This is approximately 2 ounces.  So that would be two  30 ml bottles per month.   If you were a 2 pack per day smoker, then double that.  So get 4 bottles of 30ml each.  If you were a 1/2 pack per day smoker, try one 30 ml bottle per month. You will know how much you need after 1 month of “vaping.”  You can easily adjust in the future, but it is best if you get enough when you first start.

Quick Guidelines
If you smoked…………………Then you need
10 cigarettes per day = 30ml* per month
20 cigarettes per day = 60ml* per month
40 cigarettes per day = 120ml* per mont

*These estimates are not scientific. The data is derived from experience in the e-cig community. You may use more or less.