One of the most common questions is how much nicotine e-juice is needed. This depends on how much you will be vaping on your electronic cigarette. Based on experience, I can give you an idea of what a typical ex-smoker will use once switching over the electronic cigarettes.

Light Smoker: 0.5ml – 1ml per day.
Moderate Smoker: 1.5ml-2ml per day.
Heavy Smoker: 3ml-5ml per day.

So, when buying your first e-juice, keep in mind that it is consumable and you will need to keep a nice stock of it so that you do not run out. A good start is to buy a 30ml bottle of e-juice. You should be good for 15-30 days. Of course, it would be a good bet to have a few of those bottles around in your favorite flavors.