Joye 510 Atomizer

Atomizers typically last anywhere from 2-6 weeks depending on usage. An improperly used atomizer will not last as long. Always make sure the electric cigarette cartridge is kept moist at all times. Keep it moist by dripping e-liquid onto the cart filler. Check the cartridge filler after each vaping session to ensure that it has enough e-liquid.

When you first start your electric cigarette adventure, be sure to frequently gauge how much e-liquid you are using by removing the cartridge and taking a look at the filler material. If it is getting dry, put a few drops on the stuffing. Continue to drip onto the stuffing until it no longer absorbs the e-liquid.

TIP: Many users like to drip a few drops of e-liquid directly on to the atomizer. This may give you an extra kick right after refilling.  Another option is the usage of drip tips for your Joye 510.

Want to learn how to refill your Joye 510 cartridge?  We have a video for that.  Click here How to refill your Joye 510 cartridge

Need some Joye 510 atomizers?  They come in singles and packs of five.