Electronic cigarettes have been under attack from the FDA for quite some time. Going as far as to seize shipments entering the country. A recent ruling was made by Judge Leon stating that the United States Food and Drug Administration does not have the authority to seize electronic cigarettes because these products do not qualify as devices subject to the agency’s regulation. According to Judge Leon, “This case appears to be yet another example of F.D.A.’s aggressive efforts to regulate recreational tobacco products as drugs or devices,” and goes on to say “Unfortunately, its tenacious drive to maximize its regulatory power has resulted in its advocacy of an interpretation of the relevant law that I find, at first blush, to be unreasonable and unacceptable.”

ecigexpress.com is quite pleased with this ruling. We feel that electronic cigarettes have an important future. Electronic cigarettes are devices that simulate smoke (called vapor) and gives the tobacco user more options. We will continue supporting the growth and development of this technology and hope that our governments give this new technology the chance that it deserves.