hello world! im smoke free thanks to the joye 510

ok it has only been a week
but hey you gotta crawl before you walk. im an athlete an athlete that loves
to smoke. funny right? in my sport cardio is key. if my cardio is not as
good as the other guys i get punched in the face maybe elbowed kicked
whatever. you would think that alone should help me quit smoking but nope.
before i used an e cig i tried everything gum, patches, and even switched to
snuff. i even tried a prescription drug i got from the doctor. nothing quite
gave me that feeling i needed, until i started using my friends 510. he had
an extra since they send you 2. i ordered one from ecigexpress.com yesterday
and it was shipped the same day. sweet right? so now with the smoking
obstacle out my way im getting better use of my lungs and getting better at
what i love doing…. beating people up in a cage. so i wanna say this e cig
stuff is great i love it. buy one you wont regret it.

Eric G

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