He Took To His New E-Cig Like A Duck To Water

I have just seen this, what a wonderful chance this is for someone!  Your very generous contest is going to make a huge difference for someone, and you are really to be commended for offering it.

I don’t know how attention grabbing  our story is, but, it is what it is.

I am submitting our story, but It’s mainly for and on behalf of my husband, although we are both very new to Ecigs. I got mine from a friend a few weeks ago, and worked out the ins and outs of it, and then once I was sorted he gave it a try. So far, he is managing beautifully and I am delighted by his success.

As he simply has to quit,  I thought it only fair that I do as well. I think it’s harder to give up when someone else around you is smoking.

At bit of history that might explain his situation might be useful here.  He is 59 years old, and  a 26 year cancer survivor. It’s been very hard for him, as the surgery he had back in the day meant they removed more than half of his tongue, the left lower half of his jaw, and a lot of muscle in that side of his neck. He doesn’t have a lot in the way of taste buds left as the radiation killed them, and he usually has a dry mouth. Eating, drinking,  speaking, sleeping, all of those ordinary everyday things are more difficult for him. The one thing he did enjoy was sitting down in the evening with a cup of coffee and having a smoke. But, as I said, he had no choice but to give it up, and he was game to try.

He is a former US Marine, and so he goes to the VA for regular checkups. Last August he was found to have elevated liver enzymes, a mass on his liver , and they say that now after what treatment they could give him, that the only thing that will keep him alive longer than a year or two is a  liver transplant. In order for him to be considered, he has to be a non smoker. That is when I started to search around for some way to help make it easier for  him to quit. He is unable to chew the nicotine gum, well any gum really,  due to his surgery, and he had a whopping great allergic reaction to those patches when he tried those. He tried, really he did, to just go  without, but he struggled with that and always started to smoke again. Ecigs are the first thing I’ve found that he can use, and tolerate, and that actually work for him!. I only wish I’d found them earlier.

Those issues he had with gum and patches are no major big deal now, as he has taken to his new cig like a duck takes to water. My concern is, as he is now no longer physically able to work, and I am still  looking for work after my company folded a couple of years ago, is where on earth I am going to get the funds to keep him supplied. We live on a tiny income, embarrassingly small, and if we didn’t live with his elderly Mother I don’t think we would manage at all. I am happy to go the cold turkey route for myself, if it means he is more comfortable and able to meet the transplant teams requirements,  but I wanted better for him. It seems just when I found a way to do that, our situation changed, and the small bit of ground he has gained will be lost.

A year of gear would certainly mean all the difference in the world to us, and in particular to him. Thanks for your consideration, I really do appreciate your kind offer to participate!



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