FlavourArt Flavor Notes


  • Single Flavor Mix- 3%, Mix in Recipes- 1.5%
  • This aroma of this flavor is reminiscent of freshly baked cookies from your childhood, and the flavor matches that quite well. With a light and buttery taste which has just the right amount of sweetness, this flavor is a terrific base to use when mixing any kind of cookie or other bakery recipes.
  • Flavors that go well with Cookie: It is used best as a base for cookie recipes, or for other bakery applications.

Forest Fruit Mix

  • Single Flavor Mix- 4-5%, Mix in Recipes- 3-4%
  • Ever go out foraging for berries in the forest? Me neither, but if you did, I’d imagine the haul of berries would taste like this flavor. It is quite complex, with blackberries, blueberries, huckleberries and a hint of raspberries all coming together as one. It can be used alone, but also plays well with other flavors as a go-to berry flavor in any mixer’s arsenal.
  • Flavors that go well with Forest Fruit Mix: Any creams or other fruits. It is very versatile and can be used in many applications.

Fresh Cream

  • Single Flavor Mix- 2-3%, Mix in Recipes- 1%
  • This is one of FlavourArt’s most popular flavors for a reason, and that reason is its versatility. It has a simple creaminess to it without sweetness or any vanilla flavor. Fresh Cream can be used in an amazing number of recipes, to add that smooth creaminess to any recipe.
  • Flavors that go well with Fresh Cream: Fresh Cream is very versatile, and can be used in nearly any recipe that calls for a cream flavor.


  • Single Flavor Mix- 2-3%, Mix in Recipes- 2%
  • This flavor really nails that Fuji apple taste and smell. It is full bodied, juicy and sweet, with a tartness that brings it all together. This flavor does well by tasting more natural, as if eating a real Fuji apple as opposed to a candy. Fuji works very well on its own due to its full bodied and dense flavor, but can go well with almost any recipe from bakery flavors to fruit medleys or with custards and creams
  • Flavors that go well with Fuji: Fuji can go well with near any recipe to add a true apple taste.


  • Single Flavor Mix- 2.5%, Mix in Recipes- 1.5%
  • This flavor is full-bodied and creamy, the taste of candy marshmallow really shines through. It has just a hint of vanilla and richness that can boost many recipes.  Use this to add volume, density, and a bit of sweetness to your recipes.
  • Flavors that go well with Marshmallow: Can go well with many different recipes to add volume and density, and can be used to add sweetness and fullness to fruit recipes


  • Single Flavor Mix- 3%, Mix in Recipes- 1%
  • FlavourArt really hit it out of the park with this one. This flavor mimics the taste of those little sugary cookies very well, and has a creamy, dairy like quality to it that makes it an ideal tool for countless recipes, or by itself to get that classic meringue flavor. It can be used to add a sweetness which doesn’t overpower. It builds on other flavors, accentuating and enhancing them.
  • Flavors that go well with Meringue: Anything that needs a slight sweetness which will balance out recipes. Creams, fruits, bakery; Meringue can be used in countless recipes

Red Touch (Strawberry)

  • Single Flavor Mix- 5-6%, Mix in Recipes- 3%
  • Red Touch smells and tastes like strawberry jam, sweet yet tart, with a hint of a strawberry candy on the finish. FlavourArt did a good job with this flavor by finding a nice balance between staying true to a true strawberry taste, but with adding a little extra sweetness to round it out. This flavor mixes well with most recipes, anything that would go well with strawberries, this flavor will not do you wrong.
  • Flavors that go well with Red Touch: Very versatile flavor, goes will with nearly any recipe which calls for strawberry.

Vienna Cream

  • Single Flavor Mix- 3%, Mix in Recipes- 1.5%
  • This is a sweet cream flavor which is full bodied and rich, with vanilla undertones and a smooth, creamy finish. It is a very versatile flavor and can be used to add a creamy, sweet depth to any recipe. Try it with fruits, pastry flavors, bakery flavors and other cream flavors.
  • Flavors that go well with Vienna Cream: Vienna Cream can go well with nearly any combination of flavors, it is quite versatile.
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