For me e-cigarettes are better than my old cigarette habit in so many ways.
I had tried to quit several times and failed because I liked smoking and the
whole habit. The alternatives I tried just didn’t satisfy my hand to mouth
or the process involved in actually smoking.
I decided to give electronic cigarettes a try after my uncle who was a 40yr
smoker tried them and quit as I was tired of the smell and I’m a dancer and
I hoop and do poi.

As a smoker it made these activities harder, I would wheeze and get out of
breath. I couldn’t practice as long as some friends did. I knew I had to
stop but just couldn’t no matter how hard I tried.
So far I’m 2 1/2 months without a cigarette and I feel so much better. My
clothes don’t smell and I can smell smokers now and think “My god that
really stinks and that is what I smelled like?!”

I can dance for a much much longer time now. I can breathe better and I have
more endurance during practice sessions. No more running outside during
heat, cold or rain just to get my tobacco fix.

Finding e-cigarettes is THE best thing I’ve done for myself in a very long
time and I can’t imagine going back to smoking.

Laura B.