Some of you may have seen CASAA’s recent blog post, in which they break the news that Reps.  John Boehner (House Speaker), Kevin McCarthy (House Majority Leader), and Fred Upton (Chairman of the House Energy & Commerce Committee) co-signed a letter to the  FDA , urging them to reconsider the draconian grandfather date in their regressive and misguided proposed anti-e-cig legislation for electronic cigarette hardware.

This is good news! As we have  been saying  for a long time, enacting a band on e-cig hardware produced after 2007 is tantamount to banning electronic cigarettes entirely – a move that would harm public health while stuffing money down tobacco companies’ trousers.

For those of you who have read it, CASAA’s blog post seem over-critical, suggesting that this is an effective short-term solution, but not an effective long-term plan. By and large, CASAA’s assessment is correct, and when their action plan is released, we encourage you to follow it.

However, it is worth mentioning that based on our reading of the FDA’s proposed legislation, the new proposed grandfather date of April 2014 would only barely stifle the market. All of the hardware and e-liquids that we have come to know and love would still remain available, and we would be able to continue vaping in confidence, knowing that some of the most time-tested e-cig parts would still be available.

As usual, it’s the little things that help us through. And if you decide to buy someone a starter kit for Christmas, you know they’ll be able to keep using it!