Hello everybody! Many apologies for the unexpected absence last week. As it turns out, having a whole bunch of family members turn up to celebrate convocation with you makes it hard to predict how much time you’ll have to get some writing done. Oh well. Back to our regularly scheduled programming.

There’s some big FDA related news recently, which is CASAA’s third call to action. Please follow the link for the complete details. In brief, CASAA is asking vapers to demand that Congress institute an oversight system regarding the bad-faith activities of the CDC and the FDA with regards to e-cigarettes, as I have reported on to some extent earlier here, and here.

This is a complicated process of writing to senators, and so CASAA has instituted a roll-call system to facilitate matters. Please click here and sign up, and hopefully your voice can be heard in Washington.

There was a senate hearing yesterday about e-cigarettes, and we’ll have to wait and see what comes of it.

Vaping advocate Bill Godshall, posted on ECF the news that TOMORROW, June 20th, 2014, the FDA will be hosting a webinar at 1pm EDT about the proposed deeming regulations (the ones that threaten to take away your vaping privileges) and the comments that have been submitted about them to date. Follow the link, and maybe you can watch. It looks like a lot of important issues will be discussed, so follow the link for instructions on how to listen live.

Bill Godshall also posted the news that recently, Swedish Match, producer of General Snus (a smokeless tobacco product) just submitted a Modified Risk Tobacco Product application to the FDA. The good news is that if successful, this application would let Swedish Match claim, legally, that their products are less hazardous than traditional cigarettes. The bad news is that the application was over 100,000 (ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND) pages long. This is the same application process that may well be imposed on e-cig and e-liquid manufacturers, and its length is suggestive of how restrictive the new process will be if the FDA succeeds. A substantial report can be found here, from ABC News.

Finally (for now, at least), the Associated Press reports that Reynolds American, the second-largest tobacco company in the US, has moved towards increasing its e-cig business in a huge way, following the lead of Phillip Morris and Lorrilard, the largest and third-largest US tobacco companies, respectively. With all of the big tobacco companies jumping into the pond, things are looking grim for the trailblazers and small shops that have supported vaping since its resurgence in 2007. The FDA proposals will support big tobacco and severely harm these smaller operations (like ecigExpress!), so be sure to show your love!

Well, that’s all for now. Vape away, and expect more updates soon.