Extremely Grateful My Family Is Still Alive

In our near past, my family and I (which consists of my high school sweetheart husband whom I have spent the last 14 years with, my 8 year old daughter, and 4 year old son) decided to take a day trip to the beach. We had the most perfect day together. On our way home driving up interstate 95, we were struck by two separate drunk drivers. While I sat in an off duty firefighters vehicle waiting for the arrival of the ambulance, I listened to the conversations of the on scene police officers and firefighters. I found out that a state trooper followed the drunk driver from the city through the county while on the verge of entering the next county heading north. This estimates at least 20 miles. The off duty firefighter who helped my family out of our vehicle signed a witness statement form since he was driving behind us when the accident occurred. All of the frustration was towards the initial drunk driver who caused the accident that they didn’t bother to press charges against the second driver who was also intoxicated.

Due to the negligent handling of this situation from a rookie officer, any witness statement forms were considered nonexistent. While at the hospital, we where asked to state that there was a plain clothed off duty officer in an unmarked vehicle on the scene first, not an officer wearing a full uniform in a marked vehicle.

My husband suffered spinal damage at the base of the neck as well as brain trauma. The spinal problems have caused a major loss of feeling on the right (his predominate side) side of his body which can escalate to a form of paralysis. His brain trauma caused me to keep post its around the house to remind him how to brush his teeth or operate a microwave.

My daughters car seat failed to keep her restrained. She broke the vehicles entire center console and was grabbed by me prior to going out the windshield. She still suffers from brain trauma issues also. Unfortunately due to the fact that they are intermittent, we are unable to pinpoint exactly what is happening during her episodes. An episode, as we call it, would consist of not being able to comprehend or remember any intellectually learned knowledge which started with writing her name or counting. These things have changed as her learning has progressed. My son was so young that although he has just started speaking in the last year, it is indeterminable what if any injuries were truly sustained.

My husband was the sole supporter of our family as a general manager for a custom home builder. A position he obtained working his way up very hard through the construction industry starting as a carpenter to a production/project manager. This was not an easy task considering he is now only 33. Most employers do not want to hire someone of his age with his experience while most of their existing employees in these positions are 20 years older than him.

So our roles have reversed. He supported me completely through my last two years of high school and again when I became pregnant with my daughter. Now due to his medical conditions, still fighting to get disability, and no employers wanting the risks involved with hiring him, the financial responsibilities fall to me after we lost our home and any dependable vehicles.

I home school my daughter due to her condition and take care of my family while trying to make any money possible on the side to keep our heads above water. There isn’t any true money in the case because the at fault driver didn’t have much coverage. I contacted MADD due to the amount of trouble I was having regarding this case from my own insurance company as well as the hired lawyer who wanted my family to attend accident doctors just to rack up medical bills and couldn’t truly comprehend the severity of the injuries. So I sought my own doctors for all evaluations, testings, and treatments. I met with the MADD lawyers and there wasn’t even enough money to cover the cost of their office help expenses to take our case. I can only hope that we are able to get enough of a settlement after paying all off the medical bills and a lawyer to attempt to re-establish some type of financial security for us with it.

I wrote a witness impact statement hoping the guy responsible would have to pay some form of restitution. While any form of extra income would be greatly appreciated, it wasn’t about the money but about the principle. I wanted him to sacrifice something for what he caused our family to sacrifice. The drunk driver who was charged was let go on it, as well as the victim statement ignored.

I started smoking ecigs about four months ago because I couldn’t afford to have any lost time due to increased bronchial infections from analog cigarettes, my constant on the go life style requires me to be and stay healthier, and the affordability of them compared to regular analog cigarettes speaks for itself.

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