Exciting new gadget for the smoker, the Electronic Cigarette is a sure winner this holiday season.

With sales of electronic cigarettes reaching all time highs, it will be without a doubt that these little devices will be bringing holiday joy all accross the country.

These remarkable devices simulate the act of smoking. Not only do they produce a vapor which looks like smoke, but they also provide the user with the sensation of the inhalation, exhalation, and flavor, similar
to that of a regular cigarette (Some refer to real tobacco cigarettes as “analogs”). This method may satisfy the users physical and mental cravings but without the tobacco, smoke, or tar.

There has been a lot of controversy regarding these little marvels, especially from anti-smoking organizations which have the attitude that the smoker should either quit smoking, or use one of the FDA approved smoking cessation options. The problem is that many people have tried the approved cessation options and failed. They then go on to smoke regular cigarettes and continue to destroy their health. Electronic cigarettes are not an FDA approved cessation option. The electronic cigarette generally contains nicotine, flavorings, and propylene glycol(Found in food and cosmetics).

The excitement of discovering a product that simulates smoking has been amazing for countless people around the world. There are forums dedicated to the topic of the e-cig, and there is plenty of anecdotal
evidence that this device has really impacted the lives of many in a positive manner.

Electronic cigarette smoking is much cheaper than regular cigarette smoking. In many parts of the country, 1 pack of cigarettes costs anywhere from $6-$10. The start up cost of an ecig ranges from $50-$100 with monthly nicotine refills costing about $60. That is a savings of $200 per month.

The electronic cigarette user is able to control the amount of nicotine, with the goal of weaning down to zero nicotine. The electronic cigarette offers great flexibility with various flavors and strengths.

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