Ethyl Maltol DIY – Cool & Tasty In The Orient

Recipe Name: Cool & Tasty In The Orient
Recipe Size: 30ml
Ingredients: Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin, Distilled Water,  oRYental 4, Peppermint, Ethyl Maltol

65% PG (19.5 ml – 390drops)
20% VG (6.0 ml – 120drops)
1% Distilled Water (0.3 ml – 6drops)

6% oRYental 4 (1.8 ml – 36drops)
4% Peppermint (1.2 ml – 24drops)
4% Ethyl Maltol (1.2 ml – 24drops)

Ethyl Maltol base:
In order to create the EM base, I dissolve the EM crystals in a electric oven with PGA (vents on, so no mix of the PGA fumes on the EM crystals). As soon as the crystals are dissolved, I get them out and the solution is ready!

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