Recipe Name: Basement Barreled Blackberry Brandy
Recipe Size: 30ml
Ingredients: Propylene Glycol, Ethyl Maltol, LorAnn’s Blackberry, LorAnn’s Brandy (optional: Flash)

Goal: 30 ml

1 ml LorAnn Blackberry
1.5 ml LorAnn Brandy
1/2 tsp (about 2.5 ml) Ethyl Maltol Crystal (Crushed fine)
25 ml Propylene Glycol

Mix 15 ml PG along with the LorAnns flavorings with 1/2 tsp EM crystals crushed very fine inside your container of choice.

Place bottle in a dish of hot (not boiling water) heated 3 separate times over shaking vigorously as needed and cooling in between. (About 45 mins altogether) Our goal here is to dissolve as much of the crystal as possible.

Sometimes all crystals will not dissolve, but this is okay.

Fill the rest of the bottle with PG until you’ve hit 30 ml.

Let steep for at least 5 days in a dark room temperature area, shaking vigorously when you have the chance.

Your end result will be an absolutely delicious e-juice you can vape anytime of the day.

*Some recommend adding Flash as this is a lighter juice*