Electronic Cigarettes- The best alternative to smoking tobacco!

Imagine a device that mimicks a real cigarette. One that comes in a pack,
feels like a cigarette, looks like a cigarette, has a glowing tip when in
use like a cigarette and most importantly, smokes like a cigarette…

Meet the electronic cigarette! Comes in a variety of colors, something that
smokers can only dream about. (imagine your cigarette matching your outfit
or car)

Imagine not having to worry about falling asleep and burning your house

Imagine having a wonderfully large plume of smoke flow thru your nose/mouth
without inhaling 4,000 harmful chemicals.

Imagine not smelling like an ashtrray.

imagine being able to get a nicotine fix even on an airplane.

Imagine being able to reduce nicotine levels at your own pace.

Imagine beinng able to enjoy the act of smoking without any nicotine at all.

Imagine….The Electronic Cigarette!

Imagine not having to imagine this any longer – Electronic Cigarettes are
available NOW from www.ecigexpress.com. Free shipping on any order $45 or
more and shipping that arrives in 2 days!

Electronic Cigarettes are the ONLY way to quit and stay a non-smoker!

Nicol J


Please note that this post was submitted by a real person.  Ecigarettes are not a smoking cessation device and have not been approved by the FDA as such.  The opinions expressed here are of the author and does not represent ecigexpress.com