E-cig , E-cigarette, ecig, pv, personal vaporizor – They all are names for electronic cigarette.

Pull – The act of sucking on the mouthpiece to pull the vapor into your mouth.

Throat hit, or TH – The sensation felt from the vapor on the back of your throat. Typically, this simulates the same sensation as smoking a traditional cigarette.

Vapor – the “smoke” emitted from an electronic cigarette. It is not actually smoke though. It is vaporized liquid. E-Liquid contains propylene glycol and other ingredients.

Vape or Vaping – The use of an e-cigarette (ecig, e-cig, electronic cigarette, personal vaporizor, pv)

Topping off – The act of adding drops of e-liquid (e-juice) to your cartridge. This is necessary so that your atomizer does not go dry. A dry atomizer will lead to failure so it is strongly suggested that you keep your carts (cartridges) topped off.

Dripping – Adding drops of e-juice directly on to the atomizer. Many people prefer this method to topping off their carts. When you drip, you are required to drip more frequently than if you were topping off your cartridges.

Dipping – Placing the bridge of the atomizer in directly into the e-juice. This cannot be done with all devices as the atomizer bridge is recessed too far to make this practicle.

Atty, atz – Atomizer.

Bat – Battery.

Cart – Cartridge.

Cutoff – A protective measure encompassed within the battery that prevents excessive heating of the atomizer. Typical cutoff time is 5 seconds.

Filler, wool, poly fill – The fiber found inside your cartridge that holds your e-juice.

PCC – Personal charging case, personal carrying case.

PT – Passthrough or passthrough battery. Also may be called pass through. A device that connects the the USB port on the computer which gives the atomizer its power. No battery needed.

PG – Propylene glycol.

VG – Vegatable glycerine.

e-Juice, e-liquid, smoke juice – The liquid nicotine used to fill and top off your carts.