E-Cigs Work On A Totally Different Level – Jeff from California

I smoked half a cigarette last night. I’d been drinking, and my last atty broke and I needed the fix. I’d had the pack of camel light 99s sitting around for a few months, but I hadn’t really been tempted. Still, there was a small part of me jonesing for that hit, combustion; smoke. I was sorely disappointed. The taste was alright. The nicotine was there, but so were a thousand other chemicals fighting to take control of my neurochemistry. It was a bit uncomfortable; lightheaded and all that.

Worst of all, the smell. That lingering tobacco smell. I never much cared for it when I was smoking, and now it just smells rank. Not horrible, but decidedly unpleasant. Bleh.

Regardless, cigarettes are boring. The concept is great, and if I was alive 50 years ago I would smoke cigarettes. Not a problem. But today, it’s just so mundane. The camel crush is sort of exciting, but mostly one must settle down into two-pack deals at 7-11 and other such banalities. There’s really no intellectual outlet.

Which brings about the e-cig. While I used electronic smoking to quit cigarettes, e-cigs are lessened by the ‘smoking cessation’ label. It’s more than that. It’s about technology, health, and industry. It’s a nascent world of commerce, largely self-regulated.

It’s fascinating. And it’s a great hobby.

I’ve spent countless hours online, loving every minute as I unravel the technical secrets of the perfect vape. I’ve spent far too much money, too. But it’s a good cause.

And e-cigs are more than smoking. The flavors; the juices. E-cigs work on a totally different level from smoking. Tastes taste different. Combinations that you would never eat, or mix with tobacco and light aflame, explode gloriously on your tongue.

The smoke is pure, thick, whitish grey. The plumes beg to form rings. Every exhalation is an exaltation of vapor’s chaotic form.

Vape on, my brothers!


Jeff from California

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