Well lets start with the negatives first.

Okay now that is over with with. Lets look at some positives. Better lung
capacity (quite useful to help carry around all that cash you will save in
the first month alone). No more neighbors bumming cigarettes off you. No
more ashing out of your car window just to have the ash fly back in and get
your ashes on your shirt (only really applicable when picking up a
non-smoker for a date). Great ice breaker with all the “what is that?” you
will receive. When you first get up in the morning, it only feels like half
the stuff has grown on your teeth. Since it wont burn you, you will never
drop your e-cig on your lap while driving, this also applies to stretching
out on the couch half asleep watching TV.

Okay its saved me well over $100 in the first month of use. After highly
strenuous activities I am not huffing puffing and trying to catch my breath.
Cigarette taste like ***, you don’t know it know, but smoke only e-cigs for
a week, then smoke a regular cigarette. Everyone says and I will repeat it,
e-cigs do replace tobacco cigarettes. do yourself a favor and buy a starter
kit and a 10ml bottle of e-juice instead of your next carton of analogs. You
can send me your thanks in a money order or well concealed cash.