Why do I prefer my e-cigarette rather than that old crutch tobacco that has held me so firmly in it’s grip these many years?
Let me try to list the pros (so many) and cons (so few):
The e-cigarette has allowed me to satisfy nicotine cravings without the smell and byproducts that the non-users find SO rephrehensible. Even the strongest tobacco flavored juices have so little fragrance that in a pique of heavy vaping I leave virtually nothing for even the most vehement detractors to complain about. The exhaled vapor dissipates very quickly, and if the user is conscious about the absorption rate in the lungs, hardly anything -to- nothing at all is even exhaled. You merely have to hold the lungs full for a short bit, and the vapor can be
absorbed completely.
The simple fact that there is no open flames, burning coal, or dirty fly-away ashes and waste (butts/ filter materials) leaves the safety and enviromental issues of being a “smoker” in the past. Just another aspect that removes a person from the ranks of “that FILTHY habit” (how many of us have been relegated to that stereotype?).
Reducing and subsequently eliminating the ingestion of harmful materials starts immediately. My personal experience has been an effortless reduction in my consumption of the traditional tobacco cigarettes by (75 %) seventy-five percent in the very first day. I don’t clamor for my tobacco cigarettes anymore, period. It has resulted in a short term benefit of no more coughing, or spitting out of the phlegm and stuff that I would start every day with.
In the reduction aspect, a choice of nicotine strengths allows a user to taper the ingestion of the substance to zero ( 0 ), and still have the hand/mouth, puff/taste/throat stimulation of the cigarette experience without the painful “cold turkey” psychological effects that reverse so many peoples attempts at changing thier behavior.
Lastly, my pro(s) column will touch on the monetary. Smoking tobacco in ANY form has been getting more expensive by the day. If you decide to be brand particular, a smoker will easily find themselves traveling to a store and  paying close to $5.00 per package, and if you are a heavier user, that can grow into an $8.00 to $12.00 or more per day cost. All for the pleasure of being scorned and segregated outside in often the worst of conditions.
How many of you have found themselves being the cigarette dispenser of convenience? Sure, it is companiable to share a smoke with someone else, but at today’s prices that has become prohibitively expensive. Turning someone away because you are using a “personal” vaporizer is just not as hard as refusing to “give up a smoke”.
Once you have gotten past the initial outfitting with e-cigarettes, the experience is dramaticly less expensive than that daily tobacco expenditure.
Alright, now I will touch upon the con(s):
It isn’t free. Well what is. It certainly is pleasurable, and legal, and sure seems safer by far than inhaling tar and hundreds of chemicals that even the best of us can’t pronounce much less spell.
You have to plan ahead to enjoy without interruption. There again, what can you partake in without some measure of fore-thought and effort.
The amount of “fiddleing” exceeds that of tobacco cigarettes. Yeah, you get to research and choose a product. Yeah, you have to charge and maintain your stuff. Yeah, there is a degree of hassle involved in planning ahead and ensuring that you have an adequate supply of filled cartridges and charged batteries. But, some of this “fiddleing” can be sort of fun and/or interesting, and the fact is, you are probably doing yourself a good turn by employing
your brain to some tasks that aren’t so solely automatic like ripping open and smoking a pack of traditional tobacco cigarettes.
You are going to have to replace your stuff occasionaly. Well, you pay for and throw away quite a bit of tobacco products on a VERY regular basis, all to the detriment to your physical health and the enviroment.
I’m going to close by saying that niether the pro(s) -or- the con(s) column is complete by far, but if the points of interest could be quantified on some sort of scale, I am certain that the e-cigarette pro(s) are the winning argument. I haven’t touched on the where the e-cigarettes might be able to be used versus where a tobacco cigarette  can get you fined/ thrown out/ -or- arrested. I haven’t spent many words on the fact that tobacco use is being taxed to the moon and all that a user gets in return is hassle, smelly fingers/ hair/ clothes/ car/ house/ ect..
And beyond all that, the detriment to your health that tobacco has been proven to cause, all leads me to reccomend that a smoker at least try the latest in personal vaporizing technology to offset all the bad things about being a smoker, and continue something that many of us do because we find it enjoyable.