A recent thread on e-cigarette-forum.com has brought to light some very odd news. It seems some of your Senators and Representatives might not care at all about tobacco harm reduction.

Forum users writing their representatives have reported that Senators Dianne Feinstein, Richard Durbin, Johnny Isakson have joined Senators Barbara Boxer, Tom Harkin, Richard Blumenthal, and Amy Klobuchar in responding to their constituents’ serious concerns about the proposed FDA regulations with form letters that do little but repeat FDA arguments.

These letters are full of inaccurate information, junk science, and over-cautious conclusions. Go take a look at the thread! As you can see, these responses to genuine concerns look too much alike for their similarities to be merely accidental; it seems as if tobacco harm reduction is on nobody’s mind, while parroting the same old drivel about protecting hypothetical children.

Form letters that don’t address a voter’s concerns do no good at all. A cynical commentator might even conclude that these representatives don’t actually care about the health or lives of their constituents.

Can we please actually research the truth before we start banning things?

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