Last week, we took a look at how to adjust existing e-liquid formulas in order to better suit your taste. As we have seen, the whole exercise might seem like a challenge at first, but it becomes easy and fun very quickly. Here are some tips on starting out.

First, a list of what you’ll need:

  • Some e-liquid (PG and VG)
  • A syringe or eye dropper with volume measurement capabilities
  • An empty bottle
  • Concentrated flavors (this is the fun part)
  • Nicotine testing kit

Making your own e-liquid from scratch is actually fairly simple. To make life even easier, many sites, including ours, have online e-juice calculators you can use. For now, let’s assume you don’t have easy access to one. Let’s also assume that you’re going to make a 30ml batch of e-liquid, which should last you for 3-4 weeks, depending on how often you vape.

Step 1: Choose your desired nicotine level.

Unflavored nicotine e-liquid comes in a variety of characteristics and strengths. Usually, you can get unflavored e-liquid in Propylene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerine (VG), and 50/50 PG/VG ratios. You can use these ingredients to ensure that you vape with the PG/VG ratio that is most satisfying for you.

Unflavored nicotine comes in a variety of strengths, or nicotine levels. Nicotine strength is measured in in mg/ml. 100 mg/ml is VERY STRONG, potentially dangerous, and your body will absorb it from skin contact. Use 100mg unflavored nicotine with extreme caution. Higher strength unflavored nicotine is typically used when diluting your nicotine levels yourself, using nicotine-free PG or VG.

If you don’t want to dilute nicotine yourself, an easy alternative is to use a lower strength unflavored nicotine, anywhere in the 6-36 mg/ml range. 36mg is still very strong and will probably require dilution. 24mg unflavored nicotine solution is equivalent to some of the strongest American cigarette brands, but may be worth considering if you smoke (or used to smoke) more than a pack of cigarettes every day. 12-18 mg is roughly where you want to be if you smoke (or used to smoke) about a pack of cigarettes every day.

Step 2:  Mixing your e-liquid to your desired PG/VG ratio.

The easiest way to ensure you have your desired nicotine level is to use PG or VG e-liquids that both have the same strength of nicotine, and then mix them to the ratio you want. If you are adding flavor to your e-liquid, you will probably want to start by adding a small amount of flavoring. We recommend starting with about 5% flavor and 95% unflavored nicotine base, then adjusting your e-liquid recipe to taste. This may dilute your nicotine strength slightly, but that’s fine.

Here is an example of how you would make a 30ml bottle of e-liquid at a 70/30 PG/VG ratio:

  • Open your empty bottle.
  • Using your syringe or eye dropper, carefully measure and add 21ml (30ml*0.7) of PG to your empty bottle.
  • Then, measure and add 9ml (30ml*0.3) of VG to your bottle.
  • Seal the bottle.

You now have a 70/30 PG/VG ratio of e-liquids you will be flavoring.

Step 3: Flavoring your e-liquid

  • Get a clean syringe or eye dropper, or clean the one you used before.
  • Open up your bottle.
  • Add flavoring to your e-liquid, following your favorite recipe. We recommend starting with about 5% flavor (or about 1.5ml for a 30ml bottle of e-liquid), then adjusting to taste.
  • Seal the bottle.
  • Shake vigorously.
  • Depending on the recipe, you may want to let it “steep” for a day or two.

You can use a single flavoring, or a combination of many. You can be inspired here, with our recipe book, and don’t hesitate to add your own recipes once you’ve experimented.

Step 4: Vape!

Once your personalized e-liquid mix is ready to use, go ahead and vape with it, and then share your results with us!

For beginners, and for single-flavor recipes, we recommend starting with a small amount of flavor (start with about 5%) until you get used to how each flavor tastes when you vape.

If your recipe comes out too strong, you can always dilute your e-liquid by adding nicotine-free PG, VG, or 50/50 PG/VG mix to your e-liquid.

Was this helpful? Do you have any recipes or advice to share? Leave a comment!