I have been Vaping for 2 months and have found many things about it that
keep me on the path. Some of the tricks I use to keep my experience fresh

1.- Have a Spare Atomizer!! Spares are important to anyone who is serious
about staying with it. When your Atomizer needs to be cleaned or, just
plain, goes out on you…….you have another to keep you from going crazy!

2.- Clean those Atomizers Regularly!! A clean atomizer is a working
atomizer! I have found that if I soak a clogged atomizer for around 5 hours
in a bath of mouthwash (the “Pro-Health” one has given me the best results),
then ran thru with distilled water. Follow these steps by a “blow out” with
an inflated balloon, then set aside to completely dry. Your atomizer should
work like a charm again.

3.- Always keep extra batteries!!!!! A PV without a charged battery is like
a cigarette with no lighter………the most frustrating thing ever!!!!

Follow these 3 tips and be sure that your vaping experience will be the best
you can get. 2 Months Vaping and no more cigarettes!!! Now THAT is TRUTH!!!!