With the launch of Immortal Fog now behind us, and with the *amazing* response we’ve been getting for it nationwide, we’ve started thinking more about premium e-liquids and what we can do to help you vape better. As a result, we’re going to start carrying some of the nation’s best e-juice in our online and retail stores in coming weeks, and we thought we’d introduce you to them.

The first new premium e-liquid we’re going to start carrying is the high-VG Banzai Vapors product line. With VG ratios ranging from 50%-80% Banzai is the e-liquid that lets you generate huge vapor clouds first, and ask questions later. If you love the aroma portion of your e-liquid’s flavor profile, or if you just love taking vape pics, then we strongly recommend Banzai Vapors.

Banzai Vapors

So, which flavors will we be carrying?

Legion of Ploom

Jump headfirst into membership of the fruit punch vape crown with Banzai Vapors’ Legion of Ploom E-Liquid. This combination of mouth-watering Pomegranate, Blue Raspberry, and Citrus Punch flavors is sure to keep you vaping its refreshing fruitiness all day long, and its high 80% VG content will help you make HUGE vapor clouds.

Bat Country

You love sweet and tart e-liquids with hints of exotic fruits, and you’re in a hurry to find your next favorite all-day vapor flavor. Well, you can’t stop now, because you’re in Bat Country. With Bat Country e-liquid, Bonzai Vapors brings together the sweet flavor and aroma of juicy peach with the tart aftertaste of Dragon Fruit, and an 80% VG content to make massive clouds. Just make sure to take a second to confirm when you’re meeting lizards in the vape lounge.

PRINT: Don’t think, and definitely don’t stop, because Bat Country’s combination of peach and dragon fruit flavors is sure to be the envy of the local vape lounge lizards.

Fairies and Cream

The perfect dainty flavor for a spring or summer’s evening or for a night where you need to remember how much you love flowers comes straight to your atomizer with Fairies and Cream e-liquid by Bonzai Vapors. Fairies and Cream combines the strawberry and blueberry flavors that we all know the little people love, with a hint of cream in the aroma to keep you in their good graces. Coupled with a 70% VG ratio that’s perfect for perfuming a room, Fairies and Cream is the perfect flavor for all nature’s children.


Step into the looking glass with Wondermelon e-liquid by Banzai Vapors, where one puff makes you larger, and one puff makes you small. Whether you love the taste of watermelon, honeydew melon, or green melons, you’ll love the distinctive combination of flavors and aromas in this delicious melon mix. With its high, 70% VG ratio, Wondermelon is the perfect flavor for lounging around like a caterpillar with a hookah.

Why So Serious?

Are you the kind of person who can’t help but keep a smile on their face? Does it ever bother you when everyone else looks so grim all the time? Banzai Vapors’s new e-liquid helps you ask them “Why So Serious?” With Why So Serious, you’ll be able to taste all of the mouth-watering quality of the very same grape flavored bubblegum you loved all throughout your childhood, and you’ll be able to balance the flavor and the vapor clouds you make with its 50% VG ratio. If you want to ask someone Why So Serious, this e-liquid is sure to make them smile.

Milk Plus

Do you like the flavor of milk? How about the aroma of caramel? Why not combine their sweetness with Milk Plus E-Liquid by Banzai Vapors. Milk Plus also has a massive 80% VG ratio to help you make gigantic clouds of vapor. Just load some Milk Plus in your atomizer and enjoy its nourishing flavor and aroma all day long! It’s horrorshow!

Soon enough, you’ll be able to buy these delicious e-liquids from Banzai Vapors right here, and we hope you love them as much as we do!