All three of our children (in their early 30s and mid 20s) have recently
joined the world of vaping. And as their non-smoking parents, we are
thrilled about it! It is very encouraging to know that they can now be as
healthy as their parents. The cost savings alone is a big plus. They have
also noticed their morning coughs diminishing, fresher breath, their teeth
are regaining their whiteness, skin clearing up, lungs improving already,
sleeping better, can actually taste their food, and no snack craving like
one gets when quitting. They now have an overall positive outlook for the
future. Just to know that their health and finances can only improve has
been exciting to witness. We can sit right next to them as they vape and not
suffer second hand smoke. I’m sure they will also enjoy not having to stand
out in the cold this winter. They have already figured out what they will be
putting on their Christmas wish list. It will surely be e-juices,
accessories and additions to their quickly growing collection of electronic
cigarettes. Finally, a habit I can support!

Lori D