On October 2nd, a press release by the American Vaping Association, entitled “E-Cigarette Sales on the Rise While Cigarette Consumption Decreasing,” drew our attention Wells Fargo’s assessment of the domestic e-cig industry having surpassed $1.5 Billion in sales, while traditional cigarette sales have decreased 3.5% in Q2 2014.

Here at ecigExpress, we are proud to count ourselves among the “small, independent companies” the AVA’s press release cites with “a clear track record of selling quality products that help people break their smoking habits.”

We have been really busy lately over here improving the website and the shopping experience for our online customers. Thanks to you, we continue to pride ourselves on our amazing customer base and your constant comments and suggestions for improvement. We hope that e-cigs and DIY e-liquids have helped you improve your health, and we look forward to your being with us for a very long time.

With the extent of the current discourse and attempts to ban vaping lately, it’s nice to be given an opportunity to step back and reflect on our amazing customers. You guys are the best! Let’s beat tobacco together.