I could really use the one year supply of e-cig products. I have been off work for over two years now after a car crash that caused nerve damage in my neck and re-aggravated my broken back from a accident over 10 years ago. I have been fighting to get on SSI for 3 years now and waiting for my second court hearing. Because I am young they do not want to give it to me even though I have a broken back and 50% use of my left arm.  As of now I am living on $100 a week and have been trying to catch up to having a little money in my bank account since my car went to hell 2 months ago and had to borrow to get the thing running again.. also trying to save up so I can replace tires on the thing before they blow out on me.. that 20$ a month that I am able to spend on e-cig supplies would be nice to replace my tires with some from the junk yard.

It’s very nice of you to do this contest..