I have been smoking for about 45 years and the longest I ever went without a cigarette was 3 months back in 1968. I tried the gum, yuck, and Chantix. Neither one worked. The Chantix slowed my smoking down but at full dose it upset my stomach so I stopped taking it and immediately was back up to normal on the cigarettes.

I bought a Blu in 2010 and it didn’t even come close to helping me quit or even slow down… I continued to smoke ½ to 1 PAD for the next year right up to the day I got my first KR808D-1, January 24, 2011. Finished off my last 4 cigs that night and haven’t had another one since.

Haven’t saved any money, (yet?), since I can’t seem to stop shopping… If, and that is a big, big IF, I was to stop shopping right now my break even date is some time this fall…… but I am not smoking…

My first 808 purchase was from V2, but they were so unreliable shipping-wise that I gave up on them and went with V4L. I really like the convenience of the prefilled cartos and auto batteries. Started with peppermint, next tried espresso. Both I really liked right off the bat, but by the time I got the juice to refill the cartos my taste buds had changed and I wasn’t that impressed with either one so I started buying more juices looking for the ‘just got to have’ flavor. Now after 2+ months, 40+ flavors, and more money than I care to mention my current favorite flavor is peppermint espresso from Mr. E Liquid. Of course that could change at the drop of a hat. Taste buds are still changing…..

I have about a dozen KR808D batteries, and while I still like them I bought an Elegant from CigEasy for the additional battery life, and it is great. Then I saw a Mini Copper from Atmosusa and had to have it. Never thought I would go that big….

But it sounds like it is pretty common to start with a cig size battery, go bigger for battery life, then go bigger still….. so I guess I am on track…

Just placed my first order with ecigexpress. I was born and raised in North Bend so I know exactly where Blaine is….. but not Custer, will have to look that one up….


Ardelle from Alaska