I would like to tell you what a year’s supply of free products would mean to me. In order to fully understand the importance, I must first give you a little background information.


I am 52 years old. I had my first analog when I was 9, and by the time I was 14 I was smoking a pack a day. (Yes, my home was abusive in many ways). I continued to smoke throughout 4 pregnancies, uncountable bouts of pneumonia and bronchitis, serious asthma attacks. I didn’t stop when the doctors told me I had emphysema, even when I developed lung cancer. I coughed so much that I was reduced to wearing adult diapers. I couldn’t walk more than a few feet without stopping for air. I felt like I was 90 and even though my cancer was in remission I thought death would not be far off.


I was not being stubborn or arrogant – I tried and tried to quit. I did the medication until I became suicidal and the doctors realized I was having an adverse effect. I tried gum, lozengers, and patches. I did hypnosis, acupuncture, group therapy, laser therapy, and had several blessings from my church. I never lasted more than 12 hours.


Then, 53 days ago, I had my first ecig. I HAVE NOT HAD ONE ANALOG SINCE!!! I cannot believe how much of a difference it has made in just a few weeks. I can now walk around the block without stopping. I no longer wear diapers because my cough has gone away. My O2 stats have gone from an average of 88 to a new average of 94. My doctors are amazed and my children are so proud of me.


Now that you know the background, let me tell you about the here and now. I live on disability due to my smoking related illnesses. It is enough to get by, but just enough. When I was smoking analogs I bought them on line from the Ukraine so they were only $12 a carton. (One a filter caught on fire, but a cig was a cig.) So, even though vaping is much cheaper than analogs for most people it is not so with me. I take advantage of every sale and trade I can find on the forums, but I am so afraid I will run out of juice or blow out a cartomizer without having any backup.


As for the future, I am determined to never smoke again. I am ready to get my life back and be able to play with my grandchildren. I now feel like I am only 52 and there are many years ahead of me. Winning this contest would help me to achieve these goals. I would be able to buy backup batteries and such because you would be supplying me with juice and cartomizers. I would be able to “breathe” easier knowing that I would not be without vaping supplies. It would literally help me get my life back.


Thank you for running this contest. Even if I don’t win, someone will be getting this wonderful gift from you and you will definitely be making a difference in their lives.