It is kind of strange looking back at my progression in my new hobby of e-cig vaping. I have only quit smoking a few months ago. Originally I had picked up my first e-cig at the local tobacconist last winter. It was not the greatest purchase I have ever made. The kit was a single mini-battery unit, with a couple of dried out cartomizers and it cost me about seventy-five dollars.


I got home, had a cigarette and charged the battery. O.K. it really was really more like ten cigarettes before that stupid charger turned green. Excitedly, I screwed on the cartomizer and took a couple of puffs. “Man this tastes nothing like a cigarette,” I thought as I exhaled a minuscule amount of vapor. I puffed on the thing on and off for about an hour. I also went through each cartomizer expecting a different result of vapor and flavor. Then the led light on my new toy started blinking and finally died, I tried charging it again but no luck.


I was not impressed, in the least, with this little contraption. I grabbed my keys, lit a Camel and took it back to the store. The owner of shop was there, the man that I had made my first e-cig purchase not four hours before and who had sold me most of my cigarettes for the last three years. He looked me in the eye and looked at the box containing the e-cig. His attitude became volatile and refused to accept the return stating that he had never sold that e-cig to me and it was not the type they sold in his store. I stood there dumbfounded, with receipt in hand and soon found myself leaving. I had been scammed by the store and felt the same about this concept of “Vaping”.

I tried quite a few different legal avenues to get satisfaction, but sadly none ever seemed to pan out. Through that research process though, I had started reading more and more about e-cigs. The more I read the more I realized that what I had purchased was a very expensive piece of junk. But I also found something more.


I found a group of people that were really enjoying themselves, their clothes and homes didn’t stink. They had regained the sense of taste and could smell the air again. These people had taken it upon themselves to create informative forums (like ECF), shops (like ecigexpress) and YouTube videos (with some really diehard vapers). I found that there was a society of ex-smokers that had a totally different perspective on what vaping was and is becoming.


I told my story and I received more helpful information than I could ever have imagined. I now have an Ego kit and just started mixing my own e-juice. I am also impatiently waiting on my first flavor order from ecigexpress as I write this. I may even make a crazy mod and throw a video up on YouTube with the other diehard vapors.


It’s not exactly what I expect to be doing after I picked up my first e-cig at that tobacco shop. I still have that piece of junk sitting on my cabinet and I’m kind of glad I got it now. Don’t get me wrong, I hate that I wasted that money. But I don’t think I would have read and researched as much as I did without that piece of junk.


Oh, yeah… I had almost forgotten the most important thing to me… May 3rd will be my 3rd month anniversary since my last cigarette. I had not planned that day or anything, I just didn’t pick up a pack of smokes that day. After 25+ years of smoking it feels kind of strange that I’m not but those analogs just don’t interest me that much anymore.


Dan  from  Wisconsin