60 Years Up In Smoke – George from Ohio

I am 77 yrs old and have been smoking analogs for the last 60 years. When I was 17 yrs old a Doctor MD suggested I start smoking and started me on diet pills to lose weight. It worked. I was able to get off the diet pills but not the analogs. I’ve tried the patch, Chantix, and hypnosis. The longest any of them worked was about 8 weeks. I stopped at a mall kiosk for SE Gold One on Oct. 2, 2010. I spent $172.00 to get started and found out later I could have done it much cheaper. The main thing is that they worked. I have not had an analog since Nov. 1, 2010. I wish I had gotten involved in the forums much earlier because there is a world of knowledge you can obtain from them. I’m currently waiting for my Joye 510 Mega Kit with the accessories I just ordered. From all I’ve read I think I’ll be very happy with the switch. I can also say my Doctor, my family and all my co-workers are happy. I have no desire to return to analogs.

Thanks for listening-George, Ohio

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