40 Year Smoker Who Enjoyed Every Cigarette – Cindy from Wisconsin

Hello fellow vapors…..

My daughter is the one that told me about the ecig. She never smoked and
hated that her mother
did for 40 years. I tried just about everything on the market in hopes to
quit however nothing worked
as I always went back to analogs so I didn’t have high hopes when it came to
the ecigs either.

In January I ordered my first kit…it was ok…but I didn’t have a clue
what I was doing. I soon found Tim at ecigexpress and that was when it
really began full force for me. Tim was very helpful on what I needed and
didn’t need to keep the “want” away from the analogs and it worked.  I have
been free of the analogs since February 25, 2010 and nic free since March of
2010 and like I said I was a 40 year smoker who enjoyed every cigarette I

Who would have thought that after 40 years of being very defiant of people
telling me to quit smoking. I am now encouraging people to quit not
“telling” as well as we all know that doesn’t work.  I enjoy volunteering my
time to educate people about the ecigs. Then based on the facts “they” can
make the decision to quit or not to quit. You are then in charge of your

My thoughts are….if I can help someone to quit and it gave them  more time
to be with their family that is all I need. After all…… Tim helped me
and I want to pass it on and I encourage you to do the same….

Good luck to everyone and just know you can do it!!!!!!! You will feel
better in so many ways!!!

Cindy in Wisconsin

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