I started cigarettes at age 14, over 40 years ago. I tried EVERYTHING to quit, and only managed while pregnant, and then started right back up again. They say cigarettes are as addicting as heroin, and as an nurse, I believe it might be true.
I had asthma when I was born, and lung problems all my life. I couldn’t run with my kids, I got winded and wheezed my way through life. I went to Florida and a friend and I went to a huge Flea Market, and they had a video display of these things I had never heard of before. Electronic Cigarets. Hmmm, I filed that info away, as the cost was rather steep, but after downgrading my cigaret brands several times due to the price hikes, I started researching the e cigs again.
In October of 2009, I made an internet purchase of a kit. They are much more cost friendly than the ones at truck stops, convenience stores and mall kiosks, and you get more for your dollars. On Halloween, I smoked my last real cigarette. My kids noticed the difference right away, as did my patients. I didn’t stink anymore. Within a week, I was using my rescue inhalers less. I quit the hacking cough a bit later. I never have smoked a real cigarette since. I never even craved one, as some did who bought the cheap, but more costly local e cigs.
I was amazed at how much money I had saved with that kit, but then the cartridges wore out, so again, I started researching an even more cost effective way to have my nicotine. I found the ecigexpress website, and a few others and used them all to build up my inventory, mix my own flavors in the strengths I desired, and got my first experience with the menthol crystals. I over did it, but have since learned how to get the flavor just right, and also the strength with their handy calculator. I have stocked up on cartridges, spare batteries, extra chargers and plenty of PG and juice, and can whip up a weeks worth of “smoking”
in the time it took to roll my own. Now I place a monthly order at a couple different sites, and spend, on average, $30-$50 a month to Vape. I don’t even know what a carton of the nasty, lower than generic, cigarettes I used to smoke cost now, but they were $110 back then for 2 cartons a week. I saved around $400 a month!! That extra money I saved got me a great trip to Italy, and I don’t intend to ever go back to real smokes again, unless our lovely government completely bans electronics, and I sincerely hope they do not, as I feel so much better, healthwise.



Sherri from Ohio