I am telling you my story not only to tell how I finally stopped
smoking but to let everyone know that it can be done no matter how long
you have smoked and no matter how hopeless you seem to think quitting
can be. I started smoking around the age of fifteen. I thought it
was funny then and cool. My brother smoked and he was the one that gave
me my first cigarette. Well, from then on it was a never-ending battle
to quit. I would smoke for quite some time then I would quit for awhile
but would eventually go right back to smoking. The only time I would
really quit for any length of time was when my two children were
born. I stopped smoking with my first child for about two years and
about the same amount of time with my second child. Now you may ask
did I really try? The answer is yes. I tried everything. You name it
I tried it. Nothing seem to work. Patches, gum, counseling,
inhalers, medicine, you name it I tried it. All. The battle kept on
for over thirty years. Then, things to become really clear to me.
After losing my son last year and being diagnosed with several types
arthritis I knew I had to do something. I had a special needs daughter
to take care of and I wanted to be around for her. So I tried
everything again to quit but nothing seemed to help. Then one day my
daughter, whose name is Tai, came to me and said, I don’t want to see
you die. Please quit. Quit for me..That did it. I knew I had to
stop. So I started to check around to see if maybe there was something
on the market that I hadn’t tried before. One day, I happened to be on
YouTube and ran across people doing reviews on something called an
electronic cigarette. Also known as an e-cig. The more I read and did
research the more hopeful I became. I finally said why not. I have
nothing to lose. So I bought an e-cig kit. Well, that was over three
months ago. After over thirty years and being a three pack a day
smoker I am now smoke free. I love my e-cig. If it hadn’t been for
it, I probably would never have quit. I feel better, I can taste food
again, I have more energy, and most of all I will be around a little
longer to love my daughter. So, if you think quitting smoking is
hopeless. If you think there is nothing out there that will help you
lay a cigarette down for good then please take a look at an e-cig. You
have nothing to lose and so much much to gain.




Barbara from North Carolina