21 Year Smoker Smoke Free Since February! Raul from New Jersey

I have been smoking for 21 years. I first heard about e-cigs from another forum…slickdeals.net. The researcher that I am, I found this forum back in January of 09. I bought 2 black 901 kits off of ebay…just a few weeks before ebay banned them. I went out to buy a pack of smokes on a bad snow day. 2 analogs and an hour later I got the package at work.

I remember how fascinated and intrigued I was when I first opened the kit. I immediately put the 901 together and started vaping. I was impressed. I took the pack of smokes out of my jacket with the zippo and placed them on the shelf. When I got home I showed my wife and she said “whats the difference…your still smoking” I had to explain and show her the whole concept. After that, she was very supportive. Those smokes on the shelf were there for almost 2 weeks till a coworker asked me to bum a cig…I just gave him the pack.

I was smoke free till june of 09. Problems came and started smoking again because e-cigs didnt cut it for me anymore. I was vaping around 15ml’s a day high strength. In july, I found swedish snus. I slowly got off cigs and got into snus. That lasted till december of 2010 till I slowly started smoking again.

One day 2 months ago…a co-worker asked me about e-cigs and if I recommended them. I dug out my Sliverbullet, charged the battery, found an atomizer and some juice I had in a drawer. I showed him how it worked and then I fell in love with vaping again. He didn’t care much for it.

I have been smoke free….again….since February.

It is amazing how many new devices and juices came out in the time that  stopped vaping.

I’m hoping this time around…..I can stay off the analogs. My only problem is that I still enjoy the taste and smell of a menthol analog


Raul from New Jersey

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