20 Year Smoker, Cigarette Free Since February! – Jennifer from Texas

I started smoking at age 15. I was a high school cheerleader, and I can remember it being so cold outside in Cleveland, Ohio, that I put my cigarette out, (or at least I thought I did), and put it in my varsity jacket, and sure enough burnt a hole in my Cheer leading varsity jacket. My mother bought me my first pack of cigarettes.

I stopped smoking completely when I was pregnant. The smell, the taste, it just wasn’t doing it for me. Little did I know, it was my own body’s protective mechanism because I had a growing baby inside of me. I had a planned home birth, and after the birth of my son, I walked outside to see my divorced parents both smoking. My dad offered me a cigarette. I took it. The next day he showed up at my house with a ton of buy one/ get one Marlboro menthol lights. There I was………..once again a smoker.

Back in May, 2009, I married my husband in Las Vegas. This was my first time ever seeing an electronic cigarette. Right there on the Vegas strip was what appeared to be a playboy playmate vaping away,and offering it to me. I tried it, walked away, and lit up a Marlboro menthol light. I thought it was just a fad. I had a weird feeling that some big company was paying beautiful women to promote the electronic cigarette.

Spring forward to February 2010, I was at a local flea market in Houston, Texas where there was a “smoke shop”. Low and behold, they were selling 401 electronic cigarette kits for buy one get one free. I think they were like $60. I snatched up the deal for my mother and I. My mom had ALL intentions of becoming a non-smoker, but I just KNEW that I would NEVER stop smoking. That early on, it was difficult to find 401 carts, and the only juice available was “menthol” or “tobacco”. Both my kit and my mother’s sat in our closets as we continued to smoke.

Spring forward again to February 2011, I was about to turn 35 years old. I was now a personal trainer, and a Zumba Instructor, but still smoking. I googled electronic cigarette forums. The ECF came up first on my google search, and I was both stunned and amazed at the wealth of information available. The different options besides the 401, the different flavored juices, the support and friendship that was available at this forum. I ordered a Joye 510 Kit with some extras and some juices that same day. February 5, 2011 was my first day without a cigarette in nearly 20 years. I’ve been smoke free since then. My energy level has increased tremendously. My activity level, and endurance has increased by levels only I can imagine. I feel incredible!

I think to this day, “I can’t believe that I actually put something that was on fire that tasted like dirt with some mint in it in my mouth”. Especially when I can still obtain juice that binds to nicotine receptors that tastes like vanilla custard, blackberry cheesecake, or banana’s foster!!

Since then the Joye 510 led me to the Ego-T, and now to the Reo Mini. All along I wanted the most incredibly easy, and tasteful vape experience ever. I actually think I’ve found my sweet spot, and can’t ever imagine putting something that is on fire that tastes like dirt with mint in it, in my mouth ever again.


Jennifer from Texas

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