2 Family Members And Myself Are Now Smoke Free! – Oleta from Illinois

I had my first cigarette at Woodstock and it was a less-than-happy experience but people kept sharing what they had until finally someone offered me a menthol and that’s all it took! Decades later, countless thousands of dollars up in smoke and who knows how many tens of thousands of cigarettes polluting my body, I got the wake-up call but it wasn’t for me.

My husband’s health was deteriorating. He quit smoking years ago but the damage was done. I no longer smoked around him but I knew I had to quit but how? I remembered an ad I saw for an electronic cigarette, an ad I had dismissed out-of-hand for a gimmick that, if it worked at all, would be, at best, a very poor substitute.

I started to do research and found the ECF and with it, the useful information I needed. I made a choice, sent in an order and waited, not expecting anything good to come of it. How wrong I was!

The first day I was stunned to see I was down from over 2 packs-a-day to only 10 cigarettes and those were smoked before the mail arrived bringing my V4L kit. Life is good and sharing every minute of it with my husband (instead of running off for an cigarette) is even better! I’ve rejoined society and can live life on the inside!!

[My thanks to ECF and my friends there who offer me encouragement, Vapor4Life and their wonderful products and most of all to that small device that changed my life. I so believe in electronic cigarettes, I have given two kits to family members who used to smoke but now are smoke-free!]


Oleta from Illinois

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